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Wombat Lodge are proud to stock high quality Australian gifts and products such as Didgeridoonas, who have won the Reed Australian Gift Award five times since they started back in 1995.

Whether you are looking for a cooler bag, wallet or luggage bags; Didgeridoonas products are designed to last a lifetime.

Wombat Lodge only sell genuine Didgeridoonas products sourced straight from the manufacturer. So you can buy with confidence! Shop online or visit one of our stores in Perth, Albany or Bunbury.

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  1. Didgeridoonas - 6 Pack Cooler Bag

    Didgeridoonas - 6 Pack Cooler Bag

    A great bag to take your 6 pack to a BBQ. It could be argued that an Aussie Barbie just isn't complete without a six pack. Introducing the 6 Pack Cooler Bag, designed for taller style and short style stubbies and cans. The 100% Australian Wool insulation will ensure your drinks are kept icy cold. Dimensions: (w) 25cm x (d) 17cm x (h) 26cm Learn More
  2. Didgeridoonas - Shaving tool Box

    Didgeridoonas - Shaving tool Box

    Whether he is on the move or at home, this is the handyman's ideal bathroom tool kit. A fully waterproof wet pack, large enough to hold all his shaving tools of the trade, the Shaving Tool Box features a unique oilskin outer. Inside features two interior pockets and is fully lined in waterproof nylon. The box also includes a sturdy zip closure and an adjustable clip together handle. Dimensions: 18cm deep 25cm wide 9cm high Learn More
  3. Didgeridoonas - Stubbie Wallet

    Didgeridoonas - Stubbie Wallet

    The Stubbie Wallet is perfect, when all you need is a holder to keep your drink icy cold and some money on hand to buy another! The hook and loop closure feature is adjustable to cater for all bottles and can sizes. A heavy duty zip on the pocket provides security for money and valuables. Capacity: 375ml can or stubbie Dimensions: (w) 28cm, (h) 12cm Learn More
  4. Didgeridoonas - Take 2

    Didgeridoonas - Take 2

    This two bottle cooler bag is ideal for BYO occasions. It holds two large bottles of wine and the built-in, wool-padded divider means not only greater protection but also a chilled white kept cold and a red kept at room temperature. The fully adjustable shoulder strap can also be converted to a carry handle. The bag is fully sealed to hold in the temperature and has a durable oilskin outer. Capacity: 14 litres 2 large bottles wine or 6 cans or stubbies. Dimensions: 24cm wide 10cm deep 42cm high Learn More
  5. Didgeridoonas - Tall Cooler

    Didgeridoonas - Tall Cooler

    Designed and created especially to hold bottles - excellent for taller bottles, such as beer bottles! It will keep a bottle chilled for hours. Also accommodates the varied sizes of all popular 'mixer' drinks. Capacity: 375ml tall bottles Dimensions: (Base) 9cm diameter, (h) 18cm Learn More
  6. Didgeridoonas - Too Cool

    Didgeridoonas - Too Cool

    The Two Cool is the perfect carrier for both a white and a red wine. A wool insulated divider separates and protects the two bottles. A bottle of white wine can be kept chilled on one side, and a bottle of red wine kept at room temperature on the other. Featuring a sturdy leather handle and drawstring closure. Capacity: Two 750ml bottles Dimensions: (w) 20cm, (d) 9cm, (h) 27cm Learn More
  7. Didgeridoonas - Wallet

    Didgeridoonas - Wallet

    The soft tri-fold oilskin wallet is lined in water repellent canvas, has seven card pockets, secure zipped note section, ID card or license holder and an outer zipped pocket for change. Dimensions: Folded 11cm , 15cm Learn More
  8. Didgeridoonas - Woolley Wine Cooler

    Didgeridoonas - Woolley Wine Cooler

    The Woolly Wine Cooler is an ideal carry-mate for that quiet picnic, relaxed barbecue or favourite BYO restaurant. Keeps a single bottle icy-cold for a minimum of five hours and can also be used to keep red wine at an even room temperature. It features a strong leather carry handle and drawstring top. It can also be used as a great gift idea to give someone instead of just a plain bottle of wine. Capacity: Any size wine bottle Dimensions: (w) 10cm, (d) 8cm, (h) 27.5cm Learn More
  9. Didgeridoonas - Swag Cabin Bag

    Didgeridoonas - Swag Cabin Bag

    The Swag Cabin Bag is a great addition to anyone who loves to travel.Its all you need for an overnight stay or cabin luggage. The Swag Cabin bag has been made to meet the size requirements for onboard luggage for international and domestic flights. Fully lined in cotton, the bag comes with a durable oilskin outer, strong adjustable shoulder strap with sturdy metal fasteners and clever leather side straps to attach a blanket or jacket. There are two side pockets perfect for your mobile and MP3 player. Dimensions: Diameter of sides 29cm, Width 43.5cm Learn More
  10. Didgeridoonas - Luggage Overflow Bag

    Didgeridoonas - Luggage Overflow Bag

    When your wife has over packed your luggage. This Luggage Overflow Bag is perfect for the occasion. The lightweight bag will take all the excess safely on-board with you. Made from durable "dry-wax" Fortress fabric, it's foldable, easy to pack and store and fits cabin baggage size regulations. There are two internal pockets making it an ideal shopping or overnight bag when you're not travelling. Dimensions: (h) 31.5cm, (d) 22cm, (w) 60cm Learn More
  11. Didgeridoonas - Stubby Swag

    Didgeridoonas - Stubby Swag

    The Stubby Swag has all the qualities of the Quintessential Stubbie Quilt including an Oilskin outer and inner lining ensuring durability and longevity. This product also features a unique leather strap and metal fastening system allowing adjustability for a snug fit. Insulated with Australian wool to keep your drinks cold. Capacity: 375ml Can or Stubbie Dimensions: (w) 26cm, (h) 12.5cm Learn More
  12. Didgeridoonas - Quintessential Stubbie Quilt

    Didgeridoonas - Quintessential Stubbie Quilt

    The Quintessential Stubbie Quilt is simply the classiest way to drink beer from a stubbie or can. Just wrap the oilskin around your small bottle for a snug fit and use the hook and loop to fasten in place. Capacity: 375ml can or stubbie Dimensions: (w) 28cm, (h) 12cm Learn More

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